Lt. Sheth Shri Gauriduttji Mittal
laboratory Shri Gauridutt Mittal Vidyalaya & Junior College library
  Principal's Desk   Results - 2015-16
Shri Abhayraj K. Singh

Dear Friends,

"Be ever green and always only smile", This is my first message to you. Through the Magazine "GYANJYOTI" I request you to cultivate your heart to get the spirit of joy. Laughter, humour, smile, peace and harmony make a cheerful countenance. It serves us an outlet and opens the lines of communications, relieves pressure, eases tension and provides a much needed safety valve of emotions and feelings in times of stress.

I am very grateful and thankful to Mittal family and Administrator who promoted me to the post of Supervisor, Vice Principal and now as a Principal. I stand on the long and strong foundation laid by my predecessors who provided me a team of talented, experienced, dedicated and devoted teachers with whose help I will be able to touch the heights of sky and bring in to lime-light the name of this institution. I appreciate my whole staff and students for hard work. Be healthy and try to do better to achieve the aim.

  Our Mission
  We seek to be recognised as a provider of quality education with specific emphasis on:
Character building Excellence in imparting of education
Human values Fostering of national spirit and fervour
Personality development Unity in diversity
Science - 100%
Rank Name Marks %
1st Verma Devender Shivmagal / Kalavati 462 71.08
2nd Chaurasiya Amarendra Ramkaran / Sharda Devi 451 69.33
3rd Khan Maksud Hasan Abdul Hasan / Zubayda Khatoon 421 64.77
Commerce - 97.83%
Rank Name Marks %
1st Gupta Manisha Nanhelal/ Usha 536 82.46
2nd Jaiswar Vighnesh Bankabahadur / Vindravati Devi 535 82.30
3rd Khan Moin Ahmed Mohid Ahmed / Nasirabano 442 80.30
Hindi Section - 95.97%
Marathi Section - 100%
English Section - 100%
Top 5 Rank Holders
Rank Name Medium Marks %
1st Master Dandale Harshal English 462
2nd Miss Dal Diya Narayan Marathi 448
3rd Master Umratkar Devanshi Shivaji Marathi 440
4th Master Tiwari Rithik Subhash English 437
5th Master Gond Kanchan Umesh Hindi 437
6th Ms. Chaurasiya Kanchan Avadhkumar Hindi 435
High School - 97.57%
An impressive 4 storey building with well ventilated rooms conducive to quality teaching and understanding.

The entire fourth floor is dedicated to the Junior College faculty which offers courses in Commerce and Science. There are 3 well equipped and well managed laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology respectively. It also has a very well stacked library profiling all study material, as required by the students.
  Shri Gauridutt Mittal Vidyalaya & Junior College
  To be an institute whose cornerstone shall be facility unmatched, integrity unchallenged and fostering a spirit of sheer academic excellence permeating through every layer of the Mittal edifice.