Lt. Sheth Shri Gauriduttji Mittal
laboratory Shri Gauridutt Mittal Vidyalaya & Junior College library
  To inculcate a sense of discipline amongst the students the College authorities have formulated a set of rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are strictly implemented.

These rules are as follows, and are subject to revision from time to time, depending on directives of the education department and observations of the management.
  The College authorities have a prescribed set of uniform for students as to color, and design of the dress.

All students are expected to strictly adhere to the uniform. Non compliance results in prohibiting entry to College.
Exams are held as per schedule given at the start of the academic year.
Promotion rules (Std XI).
a. A student should be present for all the examination/unit tests/tutorials conducted during the year.
b. A student must secure a minimum 35 marks out of 100 in the two compulsory languages, environment education and in each of the four optional subjects.
c. The final result of the student will be decided on the average of marks scored in the first semester, second semester and year’s work.
d. If a student appearing in all the subjects fails in one or more subjects, his deficiency of marks in maximum 3 subjects to a maximum of 30 marks but not exceeding 10 marks in any one subject shall be condoned for the purpose of passing the examination.
e. There shall not be a re-examination in the case of failure students.
f. In the case of students who could not appear at the first or second semester examinations for genuine reasons like ill health (on production of a medical certificate in time) or reasons beyond his / her control (such as natural calamities) a re-exam shall be held as early as possible, but in any case before the end of the second semester.
Passing in Environment Education : Every student must obtain a minimum of 21 marks out of 60 in the written Exam and 14 marks out of 40 in the project work separately, failing which the student will be declared failed in the subject of Env. Ed. And also will be declared failed in Std. XI. No condonation marks will be granted in Env. Ed. for passing.
Attendance requirements are as prescribed by the Education department. Currently the students are expected to fulfill 75% per semester. Non compliance of attendance prohibits the student from appearing in the final/board examination.
A student who is absent for three continuous days without prior permission is liable to have his/her name being struck off from the junior college register which amounts to his/her admission being considered as cancelled.
Leave of absence is granted only in genuine cases on the basis of a written application made by the parent/guardian.
Students, in their own interest, are advised not to leave on vacation before the vacation begins and return immediately on reopening of the college. Non compliance may result in the striking off of his / her name from the junior college register.
A student failing in Std XI will not be permitted to continue in the junior college.
Non Compliance by the students with the rules & regulation of the school may result in the striking off the students name from the school register.
  Science Commerce
Admission fees Rs.20.00 Rs.20.00
Tuition fees Rs.240.00 Rs.240.00
Term fees Rs.40.00 Rs.40.00
Sci. Lab Practical Fees Rs.70.00 Rs.00.00
Laboratory deposit Rs.100.00 Rs.00.00
Library deposit Rs.100.00 Rs.100.00
Monday to Friday: 12.30p.m. to 6.25pm.
Saturday: 12.00 pm to 4.45 p.m.
Sundays are holidays.
All other holidays/vacations as decided by the management.